Ana Fernandes Rodrigues, Design & Product
55+, a service marketplace with social impact

55+ is a social impact organization promoting an active lifestyle to older people who are no longer active in the workforce, offering them a marketplace for providing small services like repairs, gardening, and elderly assistance - among others.

With Gaspard+Bruno

This was an extremely complex and enriching service design project developed by Gaspard+Bruno. My role in the project included research, service design, product and project management, and driving a team of designers and engineers.

55+ is by no means your regular services marketplace. Adapting the communication and the product to our audience was key: the experience had to be optimized for the older users, potentially less tech-savvy. 

On the other hand, the experience of the dashboard, targeted at the operations team, had to be as efficient as possible. Operations assist closely to providers, so the dashboard was designed to facilitate tracking service history, processing and assigning service requests - the final solution shares many features from state-of-the-art CRM and project management tools.