Ana Fernandes Rodrigues, Design & Product
Cinalfama Screenings & Awards, amplifying emerging voices in independent film

Cinalfama was born in 2009 as an informal project to show and share independent cinema in the streets of the Alfama district. Cinalfama's brand identity celebrates its journey from a small project to an established cultural platform.

Branding & UI/UX

Cinalfama places films and their filmmakers at the very core of its mission, using its social media to amplify emerging voices in independent film. The social media strategy caters precisely to this: pushing the brand to the background, as the films take the spotlight.

The wordmark is of extreme simplicity and subtle details. The curves of the character "a" and its condensed proportion are reminiscent of an ancient Alfama, which here takes on a modern soul. The tilted screen projection is used as a supplementary graphic element. The inclination of 20º denotes the free positioning of the spectator around the projection, in reference to the outdoor exhibition of films. The element can be repeated or sectioned to obtain a dynamic or abstract effect.

This project was developed with Maria Leónidas Rocha (comms strategy).