Ana Fernandes Rodrigues, Design & Product
Save Your Wardrobe, shaping the future of fashion

Save Your Wardrobe allows users to digitalize their wardrobe using proprietary Machine Learning. The app uses wardrobe data to offer personalized insights leading users toward a more sustainable fashion consumption pattern by prompting them to take small, meaningful actions.

With Gaspard+Bruno
Product & UI/UX

The team at Gaspard+Bruno took a 360º approach with this project, having worked on Save Your Wardrobe's brand identity, marketing website, product discovery and management, experience design, and app engineering - including the ML engine itself. My role contribution was centered around product discovery, design and project management.

A crucial part of the actionable items recommended by the app includes an ecosystem of services available in selected regions. Users are encouraged to care for, repair, or resell any wardrobe items that no longer fit their lifestyle at relevant moments in their user journey. 

Save Your Wardrobe has recently partnered with Zalando to run a pilot services platform in Germany, offering the best of the services ecosystem.

The iOS app got multiple features from Apple App Store editors, including App of the Day.